The 7 Pillars of Recivilization

A Recivilized Woman is one who has tried modern society’s conventional recommendations on how to live and found them lacking. She envisions and strives toward a world in which human flourishing is the norm and does not create conflict with different groups, nations, species, nor with our planet itself.

She challenges everything from religion to relationships to economic structures which were not designed with human flourishing in mind. She is constantly thinking outside the box and chooses to reconnect with evolutionary wisdom and divine femininity to find better answers.

A comprehensive approach toward this goal requires many modifications from modern conventions. The following breakdown aligns each major thematic pillar around a day of the week and an associated chakral focus to help simplify, remind ourselves, and implement actions toward systematic change.

Pillar 1 ~ FOOD ~ Root Chakra​

The Recivilized Woman knows that how she nourishes her body and her home is the foundation of being able to bring abundance into the world. She chooses to make her home with others who share this view.

She seeks an evolutionary understanding of nutrition and the sustainable ecosystems that have supported health and biodiversity for millions of years. She understands the life cycle of animals and plants that evolved to thrive together. She recognizes that death is part of the cycle of life, and conscientiously and gratefully participates in this cycle.

Pillar 2 ~ FITNESS ~ Sacral Chakra​

She knows that how she cares for her body is a source of energy and creates the ability to activate it to accomplish her desires.

In addition to targeted, physical training, whe incorporates the joyful movements of dance, sex, and other playful activities, both to prepare her body for the challenges of life and to sustain it as the wisdom of age adds continually to her value to her community.

Pillar 3 ~ FEELINGS & FOCUS ~ Solar Plexus Chakra

She knows that awareness and control of her mind, deliberately directing her attention and will, is how she manifests the life she chooses and has the capacity to influence the direction of the world and better the lives of others.

She connects with her desires, emotions, and intuition to help guide her; at the same time, she studies and becomes the detached observer of her mind, allowing her to redirect it toward her true intent.

She practices radical self-responsibility. She rejects concepts of blame and victimhood. She claims her power from within, not waiting for anyone to bestow it on to her.

Pillar 4 ~ FEMININITY & MASCULINITY ~ Heart Chakra

She knows that love is the only path to make the world a better place. She cultivates openness, trust, and compassion to connect with others.

She aspires to the fullest expression of the mature feminine archetypes of Queen, Guardian, Oracle, and Courtesan, and encourages men to develop into their corresponding mature masculine archetypes (King, Warrior, Magician, Lover).

By rejecting conventional relationship structures that do not promote independence and freedom, she is able to engage freely and with deep vulnerability in all relationships because her domestic stability is not tied to her romantic relationships or sexual choices.

Pillar 5 ~ FORNICATION ~ Throat Chakra

She knows that how she expresses herself has a tremendous effect on others. She is not afraid to express through her voice, her actions, and, notably, her sexuality to act as a force for good in the world.

She recognizes and is willing to confront and speak up about the fact that meeting people’s sexual needs, as an essential part of our overarching social needs, is one of our greatest shortcomings (and, therefore, one of our greatest opportunities) in the overall drive toward meeting human needs.

With awareness that not only is sexual frustration and dissatisfaction rampant in both men and women, but it is also a root cause of many male acts of violence in the world (most mass shooters and serial killers), she seeks to cultivate healthy sexuality and encourages others to express themselves positively, respectfully, and effectively.

Importantly, she does not rely on others to determine what her boundaries are; she knows (and is the only one who knows) exactly where they are, managing them herself with simply a requirement for respect of that which is clearly communicated, rather than an expectation of mind-reading or an anticipation of that which is not communicated. 

Pillar 6 ~ FAMILY ~ Third Eye Chakra

She knows that community is where she draws strength and support from; she sees that this community must be incorporated on many levels, from the micro (household) to the macro (worldwide).

The world wide web of humanity is an incredible source of knowledge and wisdom. With many perspectives, it is easier to find truth and answers. She opens her eyes to see as many views as she can to build a holistic picture of human needs and desires.

Using empathy and the ability to see past people’s actions to their deepest motivations and fears, she expands her definition of family to include all of humanity.