About Stephanie Welch

Stephanie Welch is a disruptive anthropologist, ancestral health advocate, and pioneer of Evolutionary Feminism. Since 2010, she has applied an evolutionary lens to examine and challenge many commonly held beliefs and taboos that prevent us from attaining our full human potential. Her relentless study and experiential research asserts that human flourishing depends on reducing the mismatches between the environments and behaviors that our genetic programming expects and those which our modern civilization actually provides.

With an academic background in humanities (B.A. in Classics and M.A. in Art History), many years as a professional massage therapist, a personal dedication to exploring the boundaries of relationships and sexuality, and a penchant for topics as diverse as neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, and Buddhist and Stoic philosophies, she brings a highly multidisciplinary approach to promoting human flourishing.

Check out some of her work:

January 2019: Disruptive Anthropology: An Ancestral Health Perspective

August 2019: The Need for Tribal Living in a Modern World

  • Presentation at the Physicians for Ancestral Health conference:

January 2017: Not So Vestigial: The Anatomy and Functions of Male Foreskin.

  • Ancestral Health Symposium Poster Presentations & Articles:

July 2018: Circumcision Is Not Paleo

  • Welch, Stephanie (2019) “The “Benefits,” Risks, and Costs of Routine Infant Circumcision,”Journal of Evolution and Health: Vol. 3: Iss. 1, Article 8.

Welch, Stephanie (2017) “Shoes Are Not Paleo,” Journal of Evolution and Health: Vol. 2: Iss. 1, Article 16.

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