Disruptive Anthropology on the Nourish Balance Thrive Podcast March 2019

I had the pleasure of being interviewed in a couple of podcast episodes by Chris Kelly from Nourish Balance Thrive. These are great summaries of Disruptive Anthropology as they cover the wide range of topics I feel fall under this same umbrella of ancestral health.

Over the years, my interest in applying evolutionary biology and psychology to solve modern mismatch problems has spanned many topics. Before Evolutionary Feminism, the gateway for me (as with many ancestral health advocates) was nutrition. Later, in my massage therapy career, I applied this way of thinking to physical development and biomechanics with “Shoes Are Not Paleo.” After that, I expanded on my advocacy for bodily integrity by studying the underappreciated anatomy and physiology of male foreskin, which led me to recommend strongly against the practice of circumcision.

In our first interview, recorded in January 2019, Chris and I discuss the significance of having access to our feet and genital integrity and some of the thinking that led up to Evolutionary Feminism:


Nourish Balance Thrive – Disruptive Anthropology

Stay tuned for the second interview!

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